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Who are you and what will you be remembered for?

You cannot separate self awareness from personal reinvention. At least I don’t think so! When you are aware of who you are,( even if it’s 0.001%), it forms the basis of reinvention as you transition from each season or stage in your life. I don’t know about everyone else, but have you ever attended a social gathering where the played out, eye roll inducing ice breakers begin to fly around? You know those “ so, what do you do” questions that can either result in two things. 1. You feeling high key overwhelmed as you mumble/stummer/ power through a response as the jury listens to your response or 2. You blurt out a crammed summary of where you have worked or the projects you have done or are a part of. To best honest, I’ve realized along the way that being asked “so what do you do” is not as difficult as being asked who are you and what will you be remembered for? The pressure. Rather, the constructive pressure.

I believe in order for the African millennial to understand the significance personal reinvention, they (we), need to continuously ask ourselves those pertinent questions: Who are we (as a generation) and what will we (both collectively and individually) be remembered for?

So…. pen to paper. Who are you, and what will you be remembered for? Let’s start with the basics before some of us begin to overthink and waltz into an anxiety attack.

5 thoughts on “Who are you and what will you be remembered for?”

  1. Anci says:

    Great read 👏👏👏

    1. Rutendo Mutsamwira says:

      Thank you! Much appreciated!

    2. Rutendo Mutsamwira says:

      You really did Queen! Thanks for reading!

  2. Thembi Terry Zulu says:

    You hit me with this question live on air. Thank God I know what I want to be remembered for. It helps to keep me focused on the end goal.

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