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I went from 138kgs to 113 kgs in 11 months!

I wasn’t always a  fatty boom boom / dhafdhunda / manhafu/ giand / you know!  When I was born, my mother says I was both long and skinny. I remember the first six years of my life I was tall and lanky. When I turned seven, our father got promoted at work. Everything and everyone got an upgrade! This meant our lunch boxes received a major glow up! They went from Plain Jane (margarine and sometimes peanut butter sandwiches), to Beyoncé (toasties, pies, spuds AND chocolate flavored milk) real quick!

The Plain Jane Lunchbox Era. Age 6. Grade One


From age seven, I started gaining weight. I was addicted to pies and pastries and spent all my pocket money on junk food and fizzy drinks. I was spoilt, stubborn and sassy so whenever my parents or anyone who cared tried to warn me about my weight they received the mother of tongue lashings!

The Beyoncé Lunchbox Glow Up Era. Age 7. Grade Two

Over the last couple of years, I have inconsistently tried many products and diets trying to lose weight quick. So how have I lost 25 kgs in 11 months? My why changed.

Initially when I started my weight-loss journey, I was set on transforming myself from giand to having a “revenge body” to stunt on everyone that mocked and or rejected me for being obese. I would envision myself with bad a** abs, toned long legs and never ending wardrobe of things that actually fit and look good on me. My decision to lose weight then had nothing to do with me wanting to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. I just wanted a quick fix to address the rejection and ridicule I experienced because of my body. My why changed from wanting to have a thirst trap body to wanting to lead a more healthy life. 

July 2018 – 138kgs vs June 2019 – 113kgs


This is what I have been doing to lose and maintain my weight-loss

1. I stopped drinking alcohol: I used to drink frequently and it was usually a combination of ciders, wines, spirits, craft beer and lager. After a boozy night, I would “cure” my babalaz (hangover) with either an early  morning drink or junk food.

2. I rarely drink fizzy drinks, boxed juices or cordials: Once in a while I will have these but my beverages of choice are tea, kombucha and tonic water.

3. I stopped smoking weed. If you’ve ever smoked weed, chances are you’ve felt ridiculously hungry afterwards.  Weed has tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, which is the main psychoactive component in marijuana. This makes food aromas more intense, which increases your perception of flavor. So not only are you convinced that you’re ravenous, but things smell and taste better than they do when you’re not high. ( I used to be a stoner and so I ate everything anything I laid my eyes on because it all tasted amaaaaaazing!

4. I don’t take sugar or milk in my tea, coffee or cereal.

5. I fast ( both religiously and intermittently). I’m Christian and as part of my spiritual journey, I pray, fast and mediate on The Bible as led by The Holy Spirit. I only seriously understood the importance and significance of fasting last year. That’s a post for another day, but during this season, I was introduced to intermittent fasting and I have not looked back ever since.

6. I walk and exercise as and when can. I don’t have a strict regiment I am currently on but I walk and do light cardio as and when I can in this season.

7. I am trying to be kinder and more patient with myself: I realize that I did not gain weight overnight and that I made some poor choices along the way but everyday I work towards living a sustainably – healthier life.

I lost most of my weight due to intermittent and religious fasting but please be sure that you are lead to fast and you also do research on which fasting would work for you. Also, when you break your fast, be sure you break it with healthy food and not junk food!

Are you also on a weight-loss journey? What’s your why? Please share your story in the comments section!