Hear what people who have either worked with or experienced Rutendo have to say about her and her service.

My name is Patricia Harris, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful Queen while she was visiting Atlanta the year of 2017-2018.  To know her is under statement. She is such a gifted, talented ,powerful and anointed Woman of God. Her age truly does not reflect her knowledge and the beauty she has inside of her. Listening to her speak gives such a phenomenal feeling.  When you see this young lady, she seems to be so quite yet when she opens her mouth, power speaks forth. She has earned her wings prolifically well.  She has an amazing anointing that has not been touched yet.

Queen R., continue to honor the Grace and walk in the favor God has afford you to have. You’ve only begun. The finished product has not been completed.  I recommend Queen R and her show, Undeniably African.

May the World take the time to know her. – Patricia Harris.